Towards a Greener Future

“The sustainable building industry is forecasted to grow globally at an annual rate of 22.8%”


Green and sustainable building seems to be a new trend that many businesses as well as individuals are and should be engaged with. Cleantech is a word that is on everyone’s lips these days. Clean tech is a general term for clean technology, which is used to describe products, processes or services that reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible. Both Finland and Florida are increasingly investing in cleantech.

Currently almost half of all the energy generated across the world is used to cool, light, and ventilate buildings, and more than half of all resources are used in construction as studies have shown. Thus, there is a growing need for cost savings and environmentally responsible solutions and resource-efficiency in building and construction. In fact, the sustainable building industry is forecasted to grow globally at an annual rate of 22.8% for the next two years.

Finland is in lucky position with regards to this development, because Finns have been constructing energy-efficient buildings already for decades due to the long and cold winters. Today, Finnish know-how in energy-efficient building is world-class. The global transition to sustainable economies thus presents Finnish companies with export opportunities in green architectural design, infrastructure, renewable energy, resource efficiency, waste management, and biotech for example.

The market for green building is rapidly growing in Florida, too. In the US the policy decisions on energy security and long-term economic competitiveness in the global market create green building business opportunities. Further, customers seem to be increasingly asking for green homes or renovation projects to lower their energy use. Florida is already a home to some cleantech industry innovators such as Siemens Energy, but the state offers plenty of business opportunities for Finnish know-how. Floridians understand the undeniable link between the sustainability and the economy, and are investing in energy efficiency and environmental technologies.

Florida’s 1,350 miles of coastline and proximity to the Gulf Stream are well suited for all types of ocean energy R&D and deployment. Also, Florida’s mild climate, fertile land and famous sunshine mean plentiful of resources for the manufacture and deployment of a wide range of solar, biomass, and ocean energy technologies. What is more, the comparative cost for cleantech companies in Florida is somewhat lower compared to the other states. For example, there is no personal income tax and the corporate income tax is only at 5.5%. Finally, Florida’s infrastructure is ranked second in the US meaning that the products can be easily shipped anywhere by air, sea, or rail, for example.

Besides Florida being an attractive business environment for Finnish cleantech companies, Florida is also a home to industry leaders across the cleantech and green building sector including water technologies and turbines. Thus, there are possibilities for investors and property developers as well as expertise service providers in green building renovation and construction in Finland, since the country already has established a relatively big green building stock. At best, there are potential cooperation opportunities for Finnish and Floridian companies: Finland has the world-class know-how especially in arctic efficient building whereas Florida masters especially the latest water testing, purification and remediation technologies. Who knows what these two could accomplish together?



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