Thank You for Your support and You’ve got mail!

Just wanted to take the time to thank you our members and supporters for a very exciting year 2014. During the year, we hosted two new interns from Finland and we want to take the time to thank you them as well for the work they do! We could have done what we do without them! We are also ever thankful for our committed board, who selflessly continue to work for the better of all of us, year after year.

For the new year we have already recruited two new board membershis, whom we will present to you in due time. But now we want to ask that you continue to support our mission for the coming year of 2015.

Our mission in Finnish American Chamber of Commerce is to improve your business to grow and create more visibility and ultimately revenue for your company. Our board has formed strong and ample alliances with civil officials and government agencies, other chambers, trade associations and businesses in Finland and the United States to help you to accomplish your business plan and expansion.

Our most recent expansion is a partnership with local Lantana Chamber of Commerce . We are offering a joint membership for the year 2015. With ONLY additional $50.00 fee to your regular membership due, you receive a dual membership and full benefits of both chambers! THIS IS OPTIONAL.

Trade events, educational forums and especially networking are the most important key words for today’s successful businesses and with us you can easily reach them all. You don’t need to use your time and money to create all these but just step in – everything is done for you.

We work for our members. Even if you are not able to participate actively you will still get remarkable value out of your membership, but naturally you can multiple your benefits by participating in our operation and events or volunteering your time to serve in the board or committee.

We are honored to have you as our Member, and we wish to keep you engaged with our program for many years to come.

Together we can accomplish more.

Keep your eye on your mail box as within few weeks you should receive your renewal letter in mail.

Thank you!

It is an honor to serve you!
FACC board


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