Palm Beach Strategic Forum

Panel on Nuclear Energy and Energy Security

Panel on Nuclear Energy and Energy Security


Tomorrow’s growth opportunities were debated and discussed at the Palm Beach Strategic Forum organized by the International Economic Forum of the Americas at the Palm Beach County Convention Center 7-8th April 2014. Members of FACC Florida together with many other participants gathered for the event to together shape the global agenda. The first day, Monday,  focused on global economy, health and innovation while the second day, Tuesday,  had its focus on energy, international trade and agriculture.

On Monday, the opening remarks were held by Rick Scott,  Governor of the State of Florida. Governor Scott spoke about the economic turnaround in Florida. Florida has more jobs and the business climate has improved.  Governor Scott stated that vision and tough calls are needed for improving the economy. Investment in human capital is important and, thus, Governor Scott believes in the importance of education.

Six years after the “Great Recession” the global economies continue to show positive signs. The housing market has taken a turn for the better and  there is a labor optimism in the United States, China has made an effort to strengthen the domestic market, while Japan is experimenting with Abenomics to end stagnation. Nonetheless, uncertainty still remains to some extent. The Federal Reserve tapers its stimulus, the deflation in the European Union concerns and emerging markets show signs of currency crisis. Shaukat Aziz, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan (2004-2007), talked about the need for structured reforms to assure peace and security for sustainable growth. The role of Central Banks were brought to discussion by Boris Vujčić, the Governor of the Croatian National Bank, Julio Velarde, the Governor of Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Carlos G. Fernandez Valdovinos, Governor of the Central Bank of Paraguay and by Maria Kiwana Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance in Uganda. The opportunities and challenges in this global economy were discussed by Robert Wolf, who is founder and CEO of 32 Advisors and a member of President Obama’s Export Council, Wagner Bittencourt de Oliveira, Vice President of Brazilian Development Bank and by Nicoals Moreau, Chairman and CEO of AXA France.

The day included discussions on several current matters in the global economy. “Moving Beyond Bubbles” presented a discussion on  creating possibilities to recognize patterns of bubbles as well as by preparing for the bubbles by analyzing what the proper response for a quick recovery ought to be. During the luncheon people were able to network as well as listen to  a discussion on retirement security and government reforms in the investment landscape of Puerto Rico.  In the afternoon the Digital Economy and the cloud with its dangers and opportunities were discussed.  Businesses need to recognize the Internet of Things and rather than analyzing whether a web presence is necessary to evaluate the extent of the presence and involvement needed.

Tuesday’s morning begun with a discussion on the Global Energy Revolution. Diane Francis, Editor-at-large at The Financial Post was the moderator while Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, former chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Christof Ruhl, Group Chief Economist and Vie President of BP Plc, Salvador Namburete, Minister of Energy in Mozambique, John D. Negroponte, Vice Chairman at McLarty Associates and former U.S. Deputy Secretary, Eduardo Bhatia, President of the Senate in Puerto Rico and Martin Durbin, President and CEO of America’s Natural Gas Alliance participated in the discussion and provided their knowledge and expertise to enlighten the listeners of the current matters in the energy discussion in the Americas and globally.

The day included additionally a discussion panel on renewable resources and the current and future opportunities and challenges. The luncheon and afternoon sessions included a discussion on sustainable growth in the Americas as well as on navigating tomorrow’s global routes of commerce.

The event included many global leaders of different realm, thus, providing multiple points of views on the issues at hand. There were many excellent speakers at the event and several interesting debates. Be sure to attend the next Strategic Forum in 2015!

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