Midsummer Networking event a success

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The Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) organized in collaboration with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) a Networking Event with a Midsummer theme.  Scandinavians celebrate Midsummer, the celebration of the endless day when the sun never sets, at the end of June. We decided to bring Midsummer celebrations to Florida!

We had the honor of hosting FACC and SACC members as well as members of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, Lantana Chamber of Commerce and representatives of the city of Lake Worth. Conversation was flowing, people were laughing and had a good time. Everyone met someone new, thus, a great success!

HappyOrNot is a member of FACC and participated in the event by providing their customer satisfaction measurement device. We asked if it was worth attending and 80% were happy about the event with more than 70% actually voting that they were very happy with the event. We appreciate your feedback greatly.

Thank you all for participating, we had a wonderful evening! Hope to see you all soon again!

Please see more pictures in our event gallery here!


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