Meet FACC’s new intern Benita Reinikka

Hi! I’m Benita Reinikka and I’m the new intern for the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce.  I will be staying in Florida for six months – just enough to skip the cold European winter!

As the previous internships at the FACC, also my internship is divided between the FACC and the Honorary Consulate of Finland. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. This internship is a great way for me to complement my master studies in International Business and Intercultural Communication, which I am pursuing in Heilbronn University in Germany.

My work tasks in the FACC Florida will be marketing and communications related. I will be writing and editing our monthly newsletter, updating our social media channels, taking care of membership issues, organizing events and participating in the board meetings.

So far we have a very active Autumn coming up! We have many interesting events, the next one being the Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo in Fort Lauderdale in October 13th which we are participating to. Next event hosted by us is a joint networking event together with Lantana Chamber of Commerce on October 15th. We are also arranging a Sibelius concert honor the 150th Jubilee. You can follow the updates on our event pages.

In the Honorary Consulate I am working with the Honorary Consul Mr. Peter Makila. I have a background in hospitality management, and I am honored to help the Finnish citizens in whatever matter they need help with. So far I have been assisting the Finnish citizens with passport and registration related issues and notary services, to name a few. We will have the portable passport machine here in Lake Worth 2nd-6th of November, which means I got to assist in doing passports as well! I will also keep in contact with the Consulate General in New York and Embassy of Finland, as well as local authorities when needed.

I am looking forward to get to know the American culture, ways of working and communicating – and also the challenges it brings along.

In case you are interested in pursuing your internship in the FACC and the Honorary Consulate, or in the US in general, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or LinkedIn.

So far I can highly recommend the internship experience at the FACC– this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!



Benita Reinikka



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