Meet FACC´s previous intern Mari Manelius


Mari Manelius (left) and Terhi Ignatius from Sixty Degrees North, at FACC´s event Polo Tailgating, March 2014.

My internship at FACC Florida and Finland’s Honorary Consulate started in October 2013 and ended in March 2014. The period of my internship was the “high-season” time of the year, when the business life is at its busiest. As a consequence, I got the opportunity to plan, execute, and participate in multiple events during my internship.
The work at FACC included various tasks that provided me a chance to improve multiple skills related to for example independent work, time management, strategical planning, writing and marketing, to mention a few. The typical work tasks included for example working in cooperation with the FACC President Lena Hartikainen in order to execute the FACC strategies, handling membership issues, preparing membership reports and web page data for board meetings, participating in the meetings and keeping the minutes, executing newsletters, keeping a blog on the FACC web page, and coordinating and communicating with other board members about FACC related issues.
At the Honorary Consulate the work included helping Finnish citizens with for example registration issues, citizenship related matters, and visa requests. The work at the Consulate also included helping people in distressed situations, as for example preparing emergency passports when needed. The everyday tasks included assisting Honorary Consul Peter Makila in his work tasks. An example of these tasks could be approaching some Finnish government officials with issues related to Finnish society. In addition I got to help Finnish Consul, Minna Niemi, preparing passports to Finns.
The internship was located in Lake Worth, Florida, which is a beautiful tropical area where several Finns live. The internship offers an amazing opportunity to learn to know a new culture, get to know multiple people with various backgrounds, and most of all, to learn from yourself as a person and as a Finn. It provides you with plenty of new skills, abilities, and experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, not to mention the positive impact the work experience may provide your career.  I wholeheartedly recommend the internship to any Finn who has been considering a possibility to work abroad, it will be a great opportunity to enhance your life! If you have any questions concerning the internship, feel free to contact me via email or connect at LinkedIn.
Best Regards,
Mari Manelius


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