Internship Opportunities for Businesses

Internship / Practical training places needed

We, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business Studies are looking internship / practical training places for our students.  They are studying for a BBA in International Business degree.

Internship is a mandatory part of their studies.  They will do it after they have studied 1.5 to 2 years and accumulated about 75 to 100 European credit points. By that time they have studied basically all their basic studies and remaining are the elective and advanced professional studies and thesis.

Their basic studies include at least the following courses: Human resources, Texts and presentation graphics, Spreadsheets, Customer relations and marketing, Basics of Economics, Transport, Distribution, Logistics, Import / Export procedures , Business in Europe, Asia and Russia, International Finance, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Productions operations, Business communications, Culture & Communication & Business, Effective Writing, Accounting, Research methods and Statistical Analysis.

Our students are a good fit for all positions related to those kinds of duties either in assisting role or independently.

They all have at least basic knowledge of all the Microsoft Office programs.  Some of them are real experts in them.  In addition, they can use many separate computer applications.

They are used to independent working and are quick to learn new things.

The length of the full internship is 5 months. In some occasions students do only 3 months abroad and the rest in Finland.  3 months is the minimum length for internship abroad. The internship can start and end at any time of the year as the company and student see fit.

In some cases the company has found our students to be such valuable employees that they have offered them to do their thesis based on the company’s needs, i.e. marketing plan, research on potential markets or for example a reorganization plan for invoicing or logistics.  This would happen after the internship is over.

To almost all countries outside of Europe the students will need a visa.  Usually it is a study visa, as this internship is a mandatory part of their studies.  This usually does not require any extra paperwork for the company.

The internship can take place in whichever country of the world. The student will pay for their own travel expenses to and from the location.

Now we are especially looking for internship opportunities for our Finnish students, so that they could act as bridge builders between Finland and the internship country for years to come.  Simultaneously they could bring a fresh view of today’s Finland to the company.

If you can offer an internship opportunity to our students, please, send the offer to me.  I will then market the offer here at our university.


My contact info is:

Lea Kujala
Student Exchange Coordinator
Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Business Studies
International Office
Room B 250
Niemenkatu 73 B
15140 Lahti
cell phone: +358 44 705 0536

What is required from the employer company?

  • The company needs to name a supervisor for the student to help with the initial instructions and guidance as needed.
  • The company also has to complete couple of questions on a contract form and sign it.  Also the student and his/her teacher will sign it.  All documents can travel as scanned documents via email.
  • In the contract the parties agree to the start and ending dates, duties and tasks, and monitoring / evaluation.
  • At the end of the internship period, the company needs to give the student a Work Certificate.  It can be a simple letter written on company’s letterhead paper stating the name and date of birth of the student and the dates between which the internship happened.  If the company chooses they can also write a short evaluation of the student performance. That certificate has to be signed by the company.
  • Many companies pay the student a small compensation or support the student with his/her housing and living costs.  In some occasions the companies do not give any financial support or compensation.
  • If the company does not pay any salary to the student, then our school will give the student an insurance for the duration of internship.  If the company pays salary, then the company is expected to insure the student for the duration of the internship.