Inauguration of the 16th ABiCC World Business Month 2016


Finnish American Chamber of Commerce participated in The Inauguration of the ABiCC World Business Month 2016 on the 2nd of May. The event was hosted by the Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce in Florida (ABiCC), and participated by more than a dozen Bi-National Chambers from around the world.

The event was held at the MayFair Hotel in Coconut Grove, Miami, and it was a great chance for Chambers of Commerce to network with each other and to let the participants taste delicacies from each Chambers’ home countries.

At the beginning of the event there was a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony; board members from each Chamber cut the ribbon all together to officially celebrate the co-operation between the different Chambers of Commerce in Florida.

Every participant got to vote for the best exhibitor. FACC was voted for the second best, thanks to all the delicacies made by “AnneChef” Anne Kettunen! FACC’s table had for example salmon on bread and traditional Finnish Vappu drink sima. Winner of the competition was Haiti, and Nicaragua, which had set up also a dance performance in addition to the food serving, took the third place.

Like in previous year, the event raised a lot of interest among our members, and FACC arranged a minivan transportation from Lake Worth to the venue. Thanks again for AnneChef & all the people who joined us, see you again in The Inauguration of the ABiCC World Business Month 2017!

You can see pictures from the event (by Timo Vainionpää/ here.


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