Inauguration of the 13th ABICC World Business Month 2013

Finnish American Chamber of Commerce Florida attended Inauguration of the 13th ABICC World Business Month 2013 on Monday April 29th in Miami.
The event started with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and followed by a Networking Reception. Chamber of Commerces around the world had prepared dishes from their countries and we got to taste specialties among the others from Ecuador, China, Nicaragua, Sweden, and India!

Night was filled with good food, nice talk and the India US Chamber of Commerce had organized Indian Folk Dance to perform for us!

What is ABICC? 

It is the cooperative association, or “umbrella” organization, for the bi-national chambers of commerce in Florida. ABiCC has approximately 40 member organizations, with a total membership of approximately 8,000 international business members located in Florida, constituting a major part of the international business community.

What is their mission? 
to promote foster, articulate, and advance the common interests of all bi-national chambers of commerce in Florida, to assist members of said bi-national chambers of commerce to develop business contacts in the overseas countries represented by such bi-national associations of commerce, to foster, promote and develop commercial relations and exchanges between the United States and such overseas countries.

As a member of FACC you are also a member of ABICC, hope you will attend this event next year with us!  

Find out more about ABICC.



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