FACC survey results lead to actions



First of all, on behalf of myself and the board, a big thank you to all of you who participated in this survey.

The objective of the survey was to receive information from you, our members, on your wishes regarding our events. We received comments and suggestions and your important opinions on what you value. We took these into consideration during the Strategy Day.

Surprisingly, many of the respondents were not members and we were happy to see so many of you interested in FACC! Of all the respondents 55% were members and 45% were non-members.

The most popular events that our respondents wished for were seminars and networking events. We also learned that our respondents wish to attend meetings in the evening and preferably on Wednesday or Thursday. Our respondents expressed very well that content matters the most when attending an event. There was also a strong interest for business development events, and these will also be organized in the near future.

We are happy to inform you that we are organizing already in June (Wednesday June 18th) a Scandinavian networking event with a Midsummer theme at Bradley’s Beach Club by the Lake Worth golf course together with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce. Read more here or buy your ticket here!

We are also organizing other interesting events in the future. Please read more about them here!


Maria Flemmich



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