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Henna Moisanen, vice-president for M-Trading Enterprises Group, has embraced the sunny Florida life and looks happy when she meets me for lunch. Henna has lived with her family in Florida for some years, but the journey from Finland to a successful business owner here in Florida did not happen in a heartbeat.

The Finnish community is strong in Southern Florida. M-Trading started in West Palm Beach, but moved to Lantana in 2012 to be closer to the Finnish community. It is a family-owned business and proudly markets itself as a company that treats its customers with excellent customer service. The company offers cars and motorcycles for rental and sells vehicles as well. If you ever wish to embark on a small or a US-wide motorcycle tour, M-Trading can offer that and should your vacation home need care during the summer, M-Trading offers property care, too.


When asked what makes M-Trading stand out from its competition, Henna does not hesitate for a second; customer service and quality of our products. When you enter the location, multiple vehicles, cars and motorcycles greet you, but there is also a coffee shop with Finnish rye bread besides other delicacies. Customers are treated as unique persons and are offered excellent service to make sure that every customer is happy. M-Trading is not present at every airport as global or national chains, but the competitive edge is not the wide span of locations but the customer experience. The Moisanens love cars and motorcycles and love to be close to people, thus, the business is a combination of who they are. Moisanens truly seem to work with what they love.


M-Trading´s clientele is mostly made of snowbirds (i.e. people who reside in Florida during the winter season). Due to the versatile offering of vehicle rentals to property care, business is blooming year around and keeps growing. The economic situation in Europe has had some effect on the travel and leisure industry, but M-Trading is doing well. Customers are very satisfied with the service and the word gets around. Every customer who has found M-Trading has been satisfied and stayed as a customer. Customers also recommend the family-owned company of which they are very proud. Being a new business owner has its challenge, therefore, in getting to know the community. The Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce in Florida has supported this journey by providing possibilities to meet new people and helping new companies on their path to success.


The journey to where Moisanens are today did, however, have some challenges in the beginning as do all moving to the U.S. All documents need to be in order and the bureaucratic process requires patience. It takes time and effort, nobody can enter this country by accident. However, it is all worth it, says Henna.




Maria Flemmich

Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce

Want to know more about M-Trading? Check out their website http://www.mtradingusa.com/ or www.facebook.com/mtradingusa




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