Social Media – Event 14th November at Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course

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The Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce arranged Social Media-event 14th November 2013. The speakers in the event were Terhi Ignatius and Steven Morales from Sixty°North brand design company, who were talking about the need of social media for businesses. Terhi Ignatius and Steven Morales were discussing about how social media has become a normal way of communicating in everyday life for businessess, and how it is valuable for businesses to aim to use social media for connecting and sharing purposes instead of direct selling. After all, there is an overwhelming amount of advertisements that has made customers numb for their purposes.

In addition, the discussion was on building up a clear strategy on communicating the brand via social media, committing and sharing value, as well as responding promptly to the feedback received via social media channels. It was mentioned that social media can be a very powerful tool when used in an organized way, since different social medias have plenty of viewers, for example Facebook has 1.1 billion members. It was stated that companies could benefit of creating interesting posts in social media, since for example Facebook newsfeed automatically shows posts from people or companies that have got enough likes for their previous posts.

Moreover, the discussion was on that the advertisements should speak with their target audience, and not to aim plainly on selling. An example of Dove soaps was also presented, describing how the company had understood the researches about  low level of women satisfaction to their outlooks, that has in many cases cause by the pressure media and advertisements set on women by presenting perfect female bodies. Dove made a video for social media about how the advertisements can make any regular person to look like a film star with the help of makeup and photoshopping. With this video Dove had received over 16 million views, and given people a reason to like them, and to remember the company. It was stated that companies should give people a reason to like them, start with the current clients, and to write their authentic story to share with clients.

The audience seemed to be really interested of the topic, and there was good discussion also after the speakers´talk. Afterwards some guests stayed at the Bradley´s for food and drink.

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